New GoPro 5 Series

The new GoPro series 5 Body Worn Cameras are out with 4K resolution, voice control, stabilization, advanced wind/noise reduction, location capture and more.

4K resolution is the future of facial recognition and gives your agency cinema quality video.  Now you can feel confident when you release footage to the media that the video clarity will be as close to the human eye as possible.

Need to zoom in to develop a vehicle tag? tattoos? or items in the background?  It’s no problem when you have the best technology available.  Don’t settle for grainy, low resolution 480, with a narrow field of view…get the whole picture!

Voice Control is one of safest, most reliable and policy driven body camera activation methods on the market.  No need for additional costly equipment that will have to be installed, moved when you change vehicles and routinely maintained.  Your officers have 100% control so the camera is activated and deactivated within your agency’s policies and BWC guidelines.  Your officers hands stay ready to save a life, not fumbling with multiple button pushes and sliding camera doors.

Voice control also allows you to take charge of the incident with scene highlighting.  No need to review 10-15 minutes of video.  Just say “GoPro Highlight” and the scene in marked for easy review.  Your time is valuable.

Stabilization is key when mounting a camera on an officer.  We know how tough your job can be…running, scaling obstacles and taking cover.  Movement can really effect your video and what can be seen.  Our stabilization feature helps maintain a smoother point of view and helps ensures the value of visual evidence.

Advanced Wind/Noise Reduction with multiple microphones ensures you don’t miss a single word.  We understand you operate daily in some of the harshest of conditions.  Wind, rain, highway noise won’t keep you from capturing the evidence you need.  By the way…our cameras are waterproof not splash resistant.

Location capturing is one of the most innovative features as it applies to tagging your evidence.  Don’t spend hours trying to remember the address, what 100 block you were in or the yards you ran through…we have your location pinpointed and saved for you.

With the most rugged and innovative camera connected to the best intuitive evidence management system, your agency’s body camera will be the envy of the nation.