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intrensic, A BWC Platform to help Streamline Evidence Management and Reduce Your Storage Costs

  • Our DEMS Automatically Interfaces with BWC Hardware
  • We Provide True "Unlimited Storage" for all your Electronic Media and Digital Evidence.
  • We Provided Professional Redaction as a Service.
  • We Interface with your CAD System to Populate Identifying information to your Digital Evidence Files Automatically.
  • Seamlessly Share your Evidence or Full Case Files directly with your Prosecutor's Office at No Additional Costs.

Choose intrensic :

  • Mobile, Kiosk, and Desktop BWC Uploading Options 
  • The Ability to Upload Outside Evidence, Reports, and Media
  • Full Case Management Infrastructure
  • A Comprehensive Communication Infrastructure
  • Digital Evidence and Case Sharing 
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs 
  • Professional Redaction "as a Service, Not a Software Add-on" 
  • Pay Only Per Uploading Users
  • World-Class Support 

    Flexible | Full Featured | Unrestricted and Affordable
    Informed Customers Choose intrensic
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 Unlimited Storage

Evidence on Cloud from Intrensic gives agencies the freedom to store, share, and retrieve all of their digital evidence online with truly, unlimited storage.

True HD Video
Next-generation body-worn cameras with the highest capture video technology from the world’s leader in wearable video technology
Mobile Upload

Upload video evidence securely and quickly no matter where you are so you can get back to doing what you do best.  Protecting your local community.

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We are extremely proud of our history for meeting our Customer's needs. This attention to detail applies to everything we do, from our early beginning with the GoPro® Camera technology to the latest intrensic X2 Body Camera. With this new generation of cameras, we can now deliver longer Battery Life, Exceptional Picture Quality, and Increased Durability to handle the stress of everyday use. The intrensic X2 Body-Camera and the advanced intrensic proprietary X2 firmware continue to meet our high standards in quality, performance, and durability.

To Reach Our Team:   


Our Mission 

Our mission at intrensic is to provide world-leading video capture solutions.

At intrensic, we have taken great pride in creating the world’s premier digital evidence and video management software solutions. Our open-source platform works with many Body Worn Cameras available today.  The result is one of the fastest-growing companies in the body-worn market and a new industry standard for video evidence management.

intrensic’s employees are a blend of the top staff from their respective fields and positions.  intrensic is world-class in terms of operations, product, service, support, and most importantly, our people. 

Our philosophy is simple, “Can Do and Will Do”.  We strive each day to get better as a company and as individuals to exceed the expectations of our partners and the customers we serve.

The brave men and women in blue put their lives on the line for us each day.  We see it as our duty to provide the most dynamic solutions to authenticate, archive, and provide clarity to their actions.  As officer-worn video becomes the new standard for liability mitigation and proof in the evidentiary process, it is our goal to provide the best camera technology, and the best software storage solutions, at the best price.  Our federal, state, and local protectors deserve no less.