Evidence on Cloud

When you choose Evidence on Cloud with Intrensic, you get unlimited, secure storage. When we say unlimited, we mean it. Intrensic gives agencies freedom to store unlimited digital evidence securely so you will never have to make BWC Policy decisions based on fear of getting hit with storage overage charges. Secure Software and Unlimited Storage for all your digital evidence needs powered by Intrensic.


Sending discs or flash drives through the mail is a thing of the past with Intrensic's evidence and case sharing capabilities. Share evidence in real time with a full audit trail and no additional fees for licences.


We take data integrity seriously.   With Intrensic, your digital evidence is always secure, yet easy to retrieve when you need it.  Use Access Control Lists to selectively grant permissions to users.


The policies that drive evidence retention schedules and storage location requirements are changing with each passing day.  Intrensic's software works seamlessly whether you choose our unlimited storage Evidence on Cloud or on-site storage.


Know where your case stands.   Intrensic's chat function allows authorized users to make and leave comments directly on evidence and case files so you have everything in one place.


Intrensic Software easily and efficiently scales to all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies no matter how large or small.  Easily set permissions using our unique organizational chart feature.


The Intrensic DEMS allows storage of not video and also documents and pictures.  Even citizen submitted evidence can be uploaded and assigned to a case. Fully searchable data with controlled access defined by agency including administrators, supervisors, and users.

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