This past week GoPro announced the re-launching of their quad-copter UAV, the Karma.  Here at Intrensic, we are very excited about the many applications that the Karma will deliver to First Responders and Law Enforcement officers to aid them in their daily duties.  For years, UAV pilots have been strapping GoPro’s to other manufacturers drones, but now GoPro has created its entire video and image capture eco-system with the Karma platform.  What makes the Karma more than a drone, is the ability to capture high-quality images and videos with a transferable GoPro HERO5 Black.  This feature gives agencies the potential to transfer a single evidence capturing device from aerial to in-car dash to body worn camera applications within a couple minutes.

GoPro Karma

Intrensic is currently taking pre-orders with estimated ship date in March.  We expect demand to be high and have put together a special Public Safety package for the Karma.  If you interested in a quote for your department, please call or send us a message.