Many of you have seen the recent headlines regarding the United States Department of Interior’s mandate to “Permanently” ground all drones from the Chinese manufacturer, DJI. 

This order is executed by the Department of the Interior over concerns regarding foreign government access to the flight logs and other data. This mandate comes two years after the United States Army reportedly directed troops to stop using Chinese-made DJI drones for the same reason. Data from your agency is no less important for compliance with data security standards.  We recommend a serious consideration before you fly or purchase a Chinese-made DJI drone, which may allow a breach of your data.

We are proud to reiterate that the Skydio 2 Drone is, not only the most advanced public safety drone on the planet, but is also American-made. When combined with Intrensic’s Evidence on Cloud™ Digital Evidence Management Software, Skydio 2 drone data becomes the most secure and compliant in the public safety industry.

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The Skydio 2 is the easiest to fly, least likely to crash drone available and is proud to be made here in America.