I want to reach out to every member of our law enforcement family and personally address much of the conjecture created by the Taser/Axon publicity circus yesterday.  Understanding the law enforcement community as I do, perhaps there is no need to address Taser’s claims of “free” body cameras and “free” storage.  However, given the direct challenge by Taser’s CEO “to allow agencies to trial these new technologies and make informed decisions based on experience rather than paperwork and PowerPoints”, I feel compelled to address their publicity stunt directly.

Yesterday afternoon and this morning, I spoke with several members of the law enforcement community to gain their thoughts on Taser’s “big”, “new” announcement.  The consensus of the law enforcement group was each felt somewhat insulted by the ruse of being provided “free” technologies by Taser.  Each understood these so-called “free cameras” will come with significant implementation and possibly even higher exit costs at the end of the year.  As one police chief put it best, “The devil is in the fine print.  I have no doubt at the end of a year, Taser will force these agencies to purchase their own data or roll into a very high-priced contract for several years to come.”

I encourage each agency considering Taser’s offer of so-called “free cameras” to READ THE FINE PRINT.  At a minimum, agencies must consider Taser’s definition of “unlimited” storage, setup/trainings costs, fees associated with data sharing, life of contract costs, and the big one – what happens to their video files at the end of the year.  Taser’s offer stipulates at the end of one year, police departments can choose to purchase the devices and docking stations, which cost $400 and $200, respectively, or return them to Axon. If they keep the devices, they’ll also pay roughly $80 a month per camera for data storage.  Simply said, Taser is backloading costs into years 2 – ? and will continue to charge among the highest rates in the industry. 

As one competitor stated, “Taser’s tactic is analogous to asking someone to get a free tattoo on his or her face – you’d better be sure you want it because it is very difficult to get rid of it once you do.”

At Intrensic® we are proud to provide you the world’s best-selling point-of-view GoPro® camera technology combined with our Evidence on Cloud® digital evidence/case management platforms.

Let us evaluate your signed proposal from Taser or any other BWC provider and we will give you an “apples to apples” comparison.  I guaranty we will provide you with a more durable camera, the highest capture resolution, and we beat their price by 20% or more on the total contract cost.  Additionally, any new agencies signing on during the remainder of 2017 will qualify for a free GoPro Karma® UAV/Drone for Law Enforcement, including training and policy review.

My email is Kevin.Mullins@Intrensic.com and personal cell phone is (276) 393-1592.  Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your needs, concerns, or questions.

Stay safe,

Kevin Mullins

Intrensic CEO