With the new law in Michigan that took effect mid-January of 2018 signed by Governor Snyder, agencies that had BWC,s (Body Worn Camera’s) were caught in a pinch if their current program did not include software for storage management and redaction capabilities of the video downloaded from the BWC’s. The new law now includes rules that pertain to Crime Victim’s Rights in regards to video redaction and time frames that must be established on video retained/stored and what can or cannot be released under those who file a Freedom of Information request to retrieve video.

My dilemma as a new Chief for the City of Essexville was how to accomplish this, mid-budget year, to assure that I complied with the new State Law and had a program that was not labor intensive to my staff and was also easy to use. I also encountered a problem with limited storage availability to store all of the video footage and manually go in to determine what needed to be saved for what length of time under the new law.

Being unable to provide a cost effective resolution and compliance with the new law I was forced to pull my Axon BWC’s out of service until a solution was found that would not bust my budget. This did not bode well with the labor union as they are firm believers in the BWC’s as well as our Prosecutors Office.

I contacted Axon to obtain a quote price of storage management and redaction software and was floored when I was quoted $54,000 over a five year period. Essexville is a small community of 3,600 residents and my agency has seven full time PSO’s with 16 part paid fire personnel. My annual budget is approximately $640,000 and we had just purchased a new Fire Truck in February of 2018. After a discussion with the Axon sales representative it was evident that they were not willing to negotiate a fair price for their product and being a small agency I informed them we could not support that cost for their product. I was now stuck with five Axon BWC’s sitting on a shelve that could not be used.

I started to research different companies on line who claimed to have easy solutions that were also cost effective but ultimately when you looked at the cost’s involved, the majority of the expense involved video storage fee’s with limitations on the amount of storage based on a fee structure.

I received an email from Intrensic advertising their product of storage management, redaction and Go Pro Camera’s. I was very interested with what I reviewed in the advertisement as Go Pro is a very durable and easy camera to operate and is proven in the field. I contacted the company and before you know it I was speaking to their representative to discuss their system. The system sounded too good to be true especially the redaction piece of the software, their company handles redaction so the agency does not have to! The agency advises Intrensic what video needs to be redacted and the company pulls the video, redacts the video, per your specifications and sends you the finished product so that you can release it to the media or upon receiving a FOIA request. Another feature is unlimited storage in the cloud! You can also set the system up to manage investigations, download your in-car video footage, pictures, case files and other video segments that may involve evidence in a case. You also have the availability to share this info with your Prosecutors Office electronically rather than print information out and hand deliver these items for warrant apps and case files for court.

Intrensic provided a representative to us that is a former law enforcement officer as well as a veteran, (Kevin Angell) to fully explain the system via phone and actually sent us a Go Pro Camera to play with to see whether or not we would like the audio and video quality. I had my officers wear the camera and play with it to see how easy it was to use and to review the audio and video quality. There was no comparison with the Axon Camera’s that we previously used, the Go Pro by far was a better quality camera.

I was very impressed with the camera as well as the software management and redaction that Intrensic offered, so much so that Kevin flew to Michigan to meet my staff and go over the entire system and train staff as well. Kevin spent the week here in Michigan to answer any questions that came up or any problems that we encountered so that he was here to handle them. I can tell you that I was so impressed with Intrensic and Kevin Angell that my agency signed a five year contract, they understood our budget constraints and were willing to work with us on pricing to make sure that BWC’s were placed back into service and my staff could not be happier. My agency is now in compliance with the state law and the program will not cause additional staffing issues to address redaction or storage management.

If you are asking me would I endorse this product? ABSOLUTELY! We are now a GO PRO BWC user!


William H. Gutzwiller Sr.

Director of Public Safety

City of Essexville MI. 48732