Body Worn Cameras

Document your everyday

Implementing a Body Worn Camera program has the potential to not only provide key evidence for cases, but also improve community relations and accountability. If your agency is looking to get started or update your current program, then you're in the right place. The intrensic camera offerings are the most advanced worn video capture technology in the world today. Now every police officer can have the highest video and image quality, even in low-light resolution, and with a SuperView® wide angle capabilities.


From military applications to extreme weather conditions, the durability of the GoPro camera is unsurpassed so you can feel confident your equipment will work as hard as you do.


The intrensic camera systems provide an IP67 rating without a separate housing. Because mother nature doesn’t care if you have to make a traffic stop in a downpour.


You shouldn’t have to be a Professional Videographer to perform your duty.  The camera’s simple on and off design makes recording your interactions as easy as pushing a button.


With a market leading field of view, the HERO Session body camera records what your eyes see so you get the evidence you need to close cases.   Nothing more, nothing less.


No other camera on the market has as many mounting options including Center Mass, Belt, NVG Helmet, Bicycle Helmet and Handlebars, Motorcycle Helmet, sUAS/Drone, K-9, MOLLE Webbing on Tactical Vest, Gun, and Interrogation Room.


Sometimes the audio evidence is more important than the video evidence.  With built-in dual microphones, GoPro provides Industry Leading Audio Capture,

Body Worn Excellence

Evidence Management Solutions

Evidence on Cloud

When you choose Evidence on Cloud with Intrensic, you get unlimited, secure storage. When we say unlimited, we mean it. Intrensic gives agencies freedom to store unlimited digital evidence securely so you will never have to make BWC Policy decisions based on fear of getting hit with storage overage charges. Secure Software and Unlimited Storage for all your digital evidence needs powered by Intrensic.


Sending discs or flash drives through the mail is a thing of the past with Intrensic’s evidence and case sharing capabilities. Share evidence in real time with a full audit trail and no additional fees for licences.


We take data integrity seriously.   With Intrensic, your digital evidence is always secure, yet easy to retrieve when you need it.  Use Access Control Lists to selectively grant permissions to users.


The policies that drive evidence retention schedules and storage location requirements are changing with each passing day.  Intrensic’s software works seamlessly whether you choose our unlimited storage Evidence on Cloud or on-site storage.


Know where your case stands.   Intrensic’s chat function allows authorized users to make and leave comments directly on evidence and case files so you have everything in one place.


Intrensic Software easily and efficiently scales to all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies no matter how large or small.  Easily set permissions using our unique organizational chart feature.


The Intrensic DEMS allows storage of not video and also documents and pictures.  Even citizen submitted evidence can be uploaded and assigned to a case. Fully searchable data with controlled access defined by agency including administrators, supervisors, and users.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems / UAS

Meet your newest ally in Public Safety – Karma

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are one of the fastest growing technologies in public safety. Meet you newest ally - the GoPro Karma. Intrensic takes Karma's ability to capture aerial video even further by combining it with our leading software platform, resulting in the creation of one of the most versatile and valuable Public Safety solutions available today.

Receive Karma UpdatesKarma for Public Safety Video

UAS Public Safety Applications

 EMS & Fire Services

  • Pre-Controlled Burn Survey
  • Post Fire Structure Survey
  • Fire Preventing on Inspections
  • Arson and Accidental Fire Investagation
  • Harzardous Material Spill Scene Survey
  • Resource Deployment
  • Search and Rescue
  • Rural and Remote Rescue

Law Enforcement

  • Scene Documentation
  • Traffic Crash Diagramming
  • Multi Location Crime Scenes
  • Serving Search Warrants
  • Aircraft/Vessel Crash
  • Crowd Control / Traffic Management
  • Locating Missing Persons
  • Lost Property
  • Active Shooter Response

Emergency Management

  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Environmental Impact Planning and Control
  • Natural Resource Survey
  • Preparedness Training
  • Mobile Emergency Response Support
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Industrial Accidents
  • Nuclear Incident Response

Compact and Portable for Easy Deployment

Intuitive Controls to Fly Safely with Confidence

Affordable for All Agencies

Image Stabilization and Unobstructed Views

Ability for Multiple Responders to Access Live Video

One Button Takeoff and Landing

GoPro Karma – Powered by Intrensic