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Intrensic® Evidence on Cloud Provides an Unlimited Video Storage platform includes video and other evidence uploading, search, retrieval, redaction, and evidence sharing while reducing the need for resources required to manage this evidence.


Intrensic’s Integrated Digital Evidence Solution   With Evidence on Cloud ® 

* Multiple Options for Uploading your BWC Without Adding Costly Infrastructure
* A Comprehensive Evidence and Case Management Solution
* Professional Redaction Services Included
* Unlimited Evidence On Cloud Storage®
* Defined Audit Controls
* Software Updates, Upgrades, and Maintenance Included
* Only Pay for Uploading Camera Users (all others are free)
* Intrensic’s Professional On-Site Training and Support

* NEW - "CAD" Integration to streamline Body Worn Camera video organization

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Computer with Login-1

The NEW Intrensic X2 Body-Worn Camera

The Intrensic X2 delivers stunning video quality. Capture high-resolution 1080p30 Videos and Photos that are sharp and lifelike. Now you can take still photos with the Intrensic X2 body camera while never stopping the video recording. With Intrensic's proprietary firmware we deliver all the features you expect in a Body-Worn Camera and more.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:                                                                         • Camera Weight: 5.75oz
 • Camera Dimensions: 3.3”intrensic X2.2”INTRENSIC X2”
 • Camera Chipset: Ambarella H22                                                                           • Storage: Built-in 64GB (standard)
 • Video Resolution Modes:1440@30fps | 1080P@30fps | 720P@60fps                                                          |720P@30fps | 480P@ 30fps
 • Photo Resolution: Up to 34MP
 • Video Format: *.MP4
 • Photo Format: *.JPG
 • Battery: Built-in 3200mAh lithium
 • Standby Battery Life: Up to 14 hours 
 • Field of View: 140°                                                                                                 • Waterproof Rating: IP67
 • Time and Date Stamp: Embedded on every video with user ID


     New KLICK-FAST Mounting          Use the Latest Mounting Options to Secure your BWC

  • Standard Spring Clip  (Included in Every Kit Standard)
  • NEW Magnetic Mounts (With Upgraded Rare Earth Magnets)
  • Tactical MOLLE Mounting 
  • Two-Part Carrier Mounts
  • Sew-In Mounting Systems
Docking Stations

Charging | Uploading Options

Intrensic’s Body Worn Camera media can be uploaded from the agency’s secure MDT/In Car computer system without the need for additional and costly services or IT involvement in a docking station installation and maintenance. The media can also be uploaded from any Government authorized laptop, desktop, tablet, substation, courthouse, jail, or secure facility.  with our Program, we give you the options to best fit your Agency.

Software Development:

Coming Soon  

One thing about intrensic, We Never Stop Listening to our Partner Agencies, In the coming months, we have plans for many updates to the current DEMS Platform and also some new hardware requests.

Every decision we make on hardware and software we run thru one simple internal filter, "will the software upgrade or proposed hardware help save you time, and will it help save your agency money? "  

Please Stand by, We love to exceed your expectations !!

Hardware Development:

On-Site Training & Deployment

Intrensic will devote team members to be onsite for the determined days of on-site training to ensure that all operations are running smoothly. We do not leave your facilities until all systems are installed, and running properly, and all users are trained.

Once installation is complete, support will set calls as needed for the first eight weeks to ensure the agency has a single point of contact and all needs have been met.

Support After The Sale

 Let's Face it, you may at some point have a problem or question about your hardware or just a refresher on the features of the back-end software for a new user. intrensic is extremely proud of our support services. Under the leadership of Mr. Ron Hurley, he has streamlined the personal attention intrensic was founded behind with the prompt response for service you deserve. We realize there are many other Body-Camera Companies in the market but how a company supports its customers after the sale separates intrensic from all others.