GoPro Session

By using such a versatile camera, Intrensic has the flexibility to mount the Session 4 or Session 5 to multiple locations:

  • Patrol Officer – Belt mount, Chest mount, Tactical Helmet, Baseball Hat or Campaign Cover
  • K9 – Chest mount or Back mount
  • Bicycle Unit – Handle Bar mount or Bike Helmet mount
  • Mounted Patrol – Helmet mount, *mounted to the saddle or bags
  • Community Policing – Belt mount, Polo Shirt or “Shell” vest mount, ATV mounted, Segway mounted
  • Traffic Officer – Motorcycle mount, Motorcycle Helmet mount
  • Detective – Belt mount
  • School Resource Officer – Belt mount, Golf Cart mount
  • Bomb Squad – Robot mounted, Heavy Armor mounted, Helmet mount
  • Tactical Unit – Chest mount
  • SWAT Team – armored vehicle mounted, tactical equipment mounted, Chest mount, Helmet mount
  • Marine Unit – vessel mounted
  • Aviation Unit – aircraft mounted
  • Training Unit – vehicle mounted, range mounted, defensive tactics classroom usage
  • Scuba/Water Recovery Unit – mask mounted, equipment mounted

In fact, both cameras can also be mounted to the windshield and be used as a low cost solution dash camera, transport camera or even undercover operations camera.

Our body worn camera solution provides 360 degree law enforcement usage combined with an intuitive, easy to use and innovative evidence management system that molds around your agency’s workflow.